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The Health Benefits of Working Out in Older Age

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According to a study on the .gov website “New evidence review concludes that adults should do strengthening and balancing exercises twice a week alongside aerobic exercise” – read the full article here. Working out in older age should be a priority because it might just save your life.

The upshot is as we get older the benefits to our health from taking regular exercise go further than just keeping the old ticker going, it turns out that we need stronger muscles to stop us from falling over – who’d have thought it.

So there’s an obvious benefit to getting fitter, even in the over 65 age bracket, but having muscles that will help us to keep our balance and stop us falling over, especially in winter take on a whole new significance.

As most of this website is dedicated to adding muscle by increasing testosterone and the effect of decreasing testosterone on men in their later year, I would have thought that this article might have given some reference to the difficulties some men will have in gaining or maintaining muscle mass in their 50s and 60s, at least without a little help from either medical intervention or from the every growing supplements industry.

Looking at what one of the doctors had to say there are significant benefits to not only cardio work such as walking, but also resistance and muscle strengthening

Resistance and Muscle Strengthening

Jess Kuehne, Senior Engagement Manager, Centre for Ageing Better says in the report –

“It’s clear that we need to give equal weighting to activities that boost muscle and bone strength and improve balance rather than simply focusing on aerobic exercise.

There is significant potential to make savings to health and social care services if we do more to promote muscle strengthening and balance activities and recognise their role in helping to keep people healthy and independent for longer, particularly as they age.

Current statistics show that falls are responsible for around 95% of all hip fractures, costing the NHS over £1 billion per year.”

Ways to increase muscle strength are listed as:

  • Ball games
  • Racket sports
  • Dance
  • Nordic walking
  • Resistance training (usually training with weights, but including body weight exercises which can be performed anywhere)

But seriously, Nordic walking? Ball games, dancing and racket sports we understand but Nordic walking, who knew that was actually a thing?

Working Out in Older Age

The best way to build muscle and grow old without falling over has to be some sort of weight or resistance training, you can’t go wrong with a few press-ups and a bit of core, but if we are talking balance I guess we need to be looking at the legs and hips. For this you could look at some leg workouts or squats – just make sure you can get up again once you are down!

For those of us that aren’t quite in our 60s there is always the gym. Checkout the professional workout systems we have reviewed on this website for a few ideas on what could be achieved with a little bit of time and effort.

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