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Onnit in 30 – What is it?

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If you are ever short of time or you struggle with choosing which exercises you can do for maximum benefit in 30 minutes or under, fear not, we’ve got you covered. Or rather our friends at Onnit have you covered!

“Onnit in 30” is a workout solution where you get 10 workouts for under $10 covering routines for kettlebells, bodyweight and mobility you can do at home in 30 minutes or less.

Onnit in 30 reviewWhat is Onnit In 30?

Effectively it’s a sample of Onnit’s full workouts where they showcase the best routines they have to offer. If you are unsure about the complete workout offerings from Onnit you can sample these in their Onnit in 30 workouts.

The 10 workouts for under 10 dollars are available to stream on-demand and cover all levels in 30 minutes or less from Onnit’s top trainers.

If you’re not convinced you can try it for free. Just enter your email address and get access to a full workout from the Onnit in 30 series on their website here.

People all over the world are feeling the pressure and uncertainty with the global pandemic, and more of us are taking to exercise and valuing our health than we have done before.

It’s no surprise that medical experts continue to advise us that keeping active is a great way to reduce the risk of illness. The global demand for fitness, sports supplements and exercise routines continues to increase especially when most of us can’t go to the gym or we feel unsafe if we do.

Working out at home is becoming more the norm for all of us and that’s why Onnit have put together a collection of exercises based on their popular “at-home fitness program series” called Onnit in 30. The routines use the same principles as their Onnit 6 program but are more affordable at just $9.99 for 10 workouts.

The Onnit in 30 series is a great introduction to their entire Onnit fitness system. The Onnit in 30 series allows you to experience all the same excellent training and coaching available to Onnit Gym members and Onnit 6 users, but at a hugely reduced cost.

What is included in Onnit in 30?

The workouts cover the whole body along with upper and lower body, with something for every experience level.

There are excellent routines that cover power and strength for the Kettlebell Athlete. Recovery and training preparation are detailed in the Morning Mobility routines. Movement capacity plus conditioning is covered in the Move & Groove routines.

Kettlebell routines are with Juan Leija, Onnit’s Director of Fitness Programming:

  • Build muscle, power, strength, and conditioning
  • Requires 2 kettlebells of the same weight – Recommended weights are 8-12kg for women and 12-16 kg for men
  • Package includes 4 full-body workouts – 3 upper body, and 3 lower body

Morning Mobility routines are with John Wolf, Onnit’s Chief Fitness Officer:

  • Bodyweight-only routines to help improve joint health, expand range of motion, and develop coordination
  • Use them to start your day, or to start your workouts
  • These can double as warm ups for your other training
  • Four full-body workouts, and 2 each for the spine, upper body, and lower body

Onnit Move & Groove

Move & Groove routines are with Shane Heins, Onnit’s Director of Fitness Education:

  • Use your bodyweight to light up your metabolic fire
  • Improve movement skills, and build total-body stability
  • Four full-body workouts – 3 upper body, and 3 lower body.

Founded in 2011 by Aubrey Marcus, Onnit started with just one supplement called Alpha Brain which is a nootropic supplement endorsed by Joe Rogan.

Onnit is a lifestyle brand which is based on a holistic health philosophy the founder calls “Total Human Optimization”.

Onnit now has a range of over 250 products including food supplements, fitness equipment and sports apparel.

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