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Boss Prime – The Best Gym Workout for Older Guys

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We’ve all seen ads on our Facebook feeds for insanity and beachbody workouts, all great in their own right if you want to workout in front of your TV. For those of us who want a more professional workout that we can follow in the gym, using free weights and a bench, the is a workout system from Boss Workouts that I think you should try.

Boss have four great workouts aimed at different people. For me as an over 45 with no real gym experience and not enough cash to afford a personal trainer, Boss Prime has everything I need.

“This is without doubt the best gym based workout for the over 45’s I have come across”

What is Boss Prime?

Put simple Boss Prime is a specialised training programme for men over the age of 40 who want to build and shape their body without having to use an expensive personal trainer

What’s Included?

The following details are taken from the website –

  • 11 Videos explaining the program
  • 54 Page e-book training guide
  • 79 Page e-book nutrition guide
  • 17 Page e-book recipe guide
  • Downloadable and printable training logs to track your progress
  • Online body and nutrition calculation tools
  • Lifetime access
  • Boss Workouts Android and iOS apps to access the content anytime

Here’s what else you need to know

The program is split into phases to accelerate results and cater for your new fitness levels. The content can be accessed through the website on any device and the videos can be downloaded onto your phone so no need to stream and use up data whilst at the gym

Other Boss Products

There are three other Boss Workouts you could try, these are:

Boss Shred – for burning fat and tone muscle
Boss Lean Mass – to build muscle mass without adding fat
Boss Shape and Burn – designed specifically for ladies to burn fat and tone the perfect body

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